Utilizing Procap Touch Screen Technology on Touchscreen LCD Monitors for Kiosks

American Industrial Systems (AIS). Introduces Multi-Touch Screen Monitors with "Gesture Experience" for Slew of Next Generation Self-Service, Interactive Kiosks . In this technology, AIS Offered in 15.6, 18.5, and 21.5 in. sizes, multi-touch screen displays.

Utilizing projected capacitive touch (PCT or PCAP) technology, the new Multi-touch screen displays from American Industrial Systems (AIS) offer an interactive and unique dual-touch, gesture experience for users.

Instead of just one touch point, the sensor in projected capacitive touch technology allows tracking of two simultaneous touches, quickly and accurately across the entire touch screen.  Gesture-based user interactions requiring simultaneous, dual-touch capabilities including panning, zooming and rotating are also made possible with the technology.

Commonly found in smartphones and tablets today, this technology also makes AIS multi-touch screen displays ideal for a multitude of new emerging applications in self-service kiosks, Point-of-Purchase (POP), Point-of-Information displays (POI) and industrial machinery. Engineered for a diverse range of graphically intense application environments such as photo kiosks, ticketing kiosks, bill payment kiosks, financial kiosks and wayfinding kiosks, these robust, open frame displays from AIS are also suitable for control, monitoring and diagnostic applications in hospitals, medical facilities, building and industrial automation.

For more information and details please visit the AIS website: http://www.aispro.com/products/panel-mount-multi-touch-display

Market Reports for Thin-film Projected Capacitive Touch Panel

Reportsnreports. In the second half of 2012, Apple incorporated thin-film projected capacitive touch features into its iPad Mini putting this technology into the spotlight. However, even before Apple's decision, the technology had already gained a significant share in the market due to its cost advantage. In 2011, thin-film projected capacitive touch technology accounted for 33% of touch panels used in smartphones and tablets, and this ratio rose further to approximately 40% in 2012.

The considerable growth of mid-range to value-line consumer electronics products in 2013, as well as the expectation that numerous branded vendors will switch technologies, has further improved the outlook for this technology. This report “Opportunities and Challenges for the Thin-film Projected Capacitive Touch Panel Industry - analyzes the challenges manufacturers face in their quest to take advantage of business opportunities in this technology segment.

Current status of global thin-film projected capacitive touch panel industries, touching on the industrial and product development of major manufacturers in Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Analyzing the pros and cons of all types of touch technologies, including G/G, OGS, AM-OLED, and film-type; shares of touch technology among tablets and smartphones equipped with touch screens.

Development of substitutes for ITO materials in the production process for touch sensors.

Companies and organizations analyzed or mentioned in the report include:
Apple, ASUS, GIS, HTC, Lenovo, Microsoft, Nitto Optical, OIKE, Samsung, TPK, Young Fast Optical

for more info: http://www.reportsnreports.com/reports/267591-opportunities-and-challenges-for-the-thin-film-projected-capacitive-touch-panel-industry.html

The 15-inch KS7700 All-In-One fan-free Touch Screen Terminal For Business

Posiflex KS7700 Awarded Best IT Innovation for superior touch screen POS performance

The 15-inch KS7700 All-In-One fan-free touch screen terminal, the next evolution in field hardened retail and hospitality POS from Posiflex, a manufacturer of industrial grade touch screen POS hardware for over 25 years.

At CeBIT 2012 in Hanover Germany, after review of more than two thousand five hundred submissions, the Initiative Mittelstand awarded the Posiflex KS7700 with the Best IT Innovation Award for medium sized businesses. Impressed by the thermal diffusion capabilities of the patented aluminum fin chassis, the judges bestowed this special recognition on the fan-free touch screen system. Being fan-free prevents dust, steam, and grease intake, which are known key factors for premature failure.

The Posiflex KS7700 is simply a powerful touch screen terminal with rock-solid reliability for maximum up-time, faster transactional processing, minimized maintenance, quiet operation, and energy savings.

By building best-of-breed touch screen terminals, Posiflex provides the flexibility to run either custom in-house developed software or selected software applications, without compromising existing business operations.

Posiflex KS7700 15-inch touch panel options include precision-edge projective capacitive, resistive and infrared.

Like all Posiflex touch screen terminals, the KS7700 is stringently third party tested for temperature cycling, vibration, drop, shock, static electricity, and emission tolerances to withstand the harshest retail and hospitality POS operating environment.

For more information see http://www.posiflexusa.com/builtbetter

Touchscreen Forum 2012 : Share Strategies for Enabling Projected Capacitive Touch for Large and Flexible Surfaces


Computex Taipei is the largest computer exhibition in Asia and the second largest in the world. Now in its 31st year, the conference attracts key global businesses, observers, analysts, and journalists of computer and information industries from all over the world who come to discover and report the latest technologies, developments, and trends.

Cambrios CEO to Share Strategies for Enabling Projected Capacitive Touch for Large and Flexible Surfaces at Computex

For more information visit: http://www.computextaipei.com.tw/en_US/news/info.html?id=FD0DB92BA1BA1F3B


Touchfoil Film For Laminate Projected Capacitive Touchscreen

The visualplanet touchfoil, is a clear laminated and lightweight plastic foil that can be applied to virtually any display screen or non-metallic surface to make it touch interactive. This projected capacitance film gives your entire image area 1-2 touch points, so it's best for single user interaction. Simply laminate the film to your surface and you are ready to go.

The touchfoil can be attached to any non-metallic substrate and when touched, the capacitance changes (similar to today's smartphones screens). This change is detected by the controller calculating the X and Y coordinates which are then communicated to your computer and your interactive software application.

When your offices are closed, you have two options: you can offer your customers no information about your products, or you can install our touchfoil directly to your window for them to interact with (increasing sales).

Complete with rear-projection or LCD screen behind and you will create a great user experience. You can also orient the touch surface horizontally as a tabletop or vertically as a kiosk.

The features film is:
  • Easy to setup and apply to glass, acrylic, rear-projection screens and any non-metallic materials
  • Fits flush with glass (no bezel!)
  • External lighting (whether visible or infrared) not a factor
  • All components safely concealed and protected
  • Works even with gloves or when wet
  • Works on curved surfaces

Customize your Touch Film by choosing: Fixing Option, Screen Ratio, and Controller Location
For more information visit: http://www.visualplanet.biz/partners/

TouchSystems Debuts Multi-Touch all-in-one With Projected Capacitive Technology

Projected capacitive touch screen technology which consists of glass and glass structure is a new product that started a lot on offer to the market by its manufacturer and supplier of touch screens.

The SYS-PPC15A multi-touch, all-in-one with projected capacitive touchscreen technology from TouchSystems pioneers of the touch screen industry.

TouchSystems Debuts Multi-Touch, All-in-One, Point-of-Sale Solution. That continues to expand its presence in the projected capacitive market with its addition of a multi-touch, all-in-one unit. The unit, the SYS-PPC15A, is integrated with projected capacitive (multi-touch) technology; features a bezel-free design; and can be used as a desktop or wall unit.

While the multi-touch, all-in-one unit can be used in a variety of industries, it has the most applicability to point-of-sale (POS) ones. The unit is equipped with an 80 GB hard drive, simplifying the capture and storage of data. It features an Intel Celeron processor that is designed for thermally sensitive applications, such as POS systems. It also comes with a magnetic strip reader (MSR) and offers a digital, multilingual on-screen display (OSD).

The unit’s physical features complement the POS space, too. Its fanless design cuts down on background noise, which can be a concern in certain environments. The system’s bezel-free design and flush-screen display make it aesthetically pleasing, another possible concern in some retail or hospitality environments. If durability is a concern, the SYS-PPC15A meets it with its rugged design and optically bonded glass.

The main selling point, though, is the effortless multi-touch experience. Using the all-in-one unit doesn’t require extensive studies or forethought; as Carol Nordin, president of TouchSystems notes, “A person simply interacts with the system in the same way that he or she interacts with a smartphone or tablet.”

For detail product visit: http://www.touchsystems.com/product.php?model=SYS-PPC15A

InnovaTouch 22-Inch Open Frame Display Projected Capacitive for multiple touch points

Interesting to follow the products of projected capacitive touch screen technology after IDTechEx report about market this technology.

InnovaTouch 22-Inch Open Frame Display Projected Capacitive from TouchSystems was established in 1996. The company was and continues to be a pioneer in the touch screen technology industry.

TouchSystems’ continues to grow its new product line, InnovaTouch, with the addition of a 22-inch, open frame display. The display IW2234P-U, like any of the products in the InnovaTouch family, is integrated with projective capacitive touch technology. The technology allows for multiple touch points and gestures in much the same way that the technology found in smartphones and tablets do.

The display boasts other features besides the projected capacitive touch technology. For instance, the display is an open frame one, which allows it to be integrated easily with most installations. It can be installed in a landscape or portrait mode, and the display can be mounted via side brackets or VESA holes.

The display also is bezel free. The bezel-free design, like the projected capacitive touch technology, contributes to the feel and look of a smartphone or tablet. The bezel-free design isn’t merely about looks; it may be aesthetically pleasing but the end goal is to provide a touch solution that is easy to clean, use, and maintain.

The touch display’s design, customizability, and size make it attractive to a variety of markets, including gaming, retail, and hospitality. Carol Nordin, President of TouchSystems, notes, “The projected capacitive open frame display brings the world of the iPad to a broader market. With this display, our customers can reach their customers, the people who expect interactive displays to work the way their smartphones and tablets do.”

IW2234P-U Features:
  • Projected capacitive (multi-touch)
  • Bezel free
  • Flush screen
  • Open frame design
  • Rugged and durable structure
  • HID compliant (plug and play)
For details product and data sheet information visit  http://www.touchsystems.com/product_fam.aspx?family=InnovaTouch

IW2235P-U Innova Projected Capacitive of Touch Monitor

IW2235P-U Innova Projected Capacitive of Touch Monitor

The 22-inch, "Innova Touch" they call with projected capacitive technology for monitor or desktop, its new product from TouchSystem pioneers of the touch screen industry and dedicated to delivering the most advanced touch-enabled technologies and are continuously researching and developing the best products in the business.

TouchSystems is thrilled to launch its new line of monitors, the Innova Touch series. The series of projected capacitive monitors is designed with one aim in mind: to provide people with an elegant, easy-to-use, and durable touch solution.

Projected capacitive touch technology is one of the newer touch technologies in the marketplace, and it’s becoming increasingly popular. The popularity is warranted; projected capacitive is one of the few touch technologies that allows for multi-touch and gestures. To use one of the Innova Touch monitors, one only has to use the touches and gestures he or she already uses on an everyday basis.

TouchSystems is launching the Innova Touch series with the IW2235P-U, a bezel-free, projected capacitive, 22-inch desktop monitor. In addition to the projected capacitive technology and the bezel-free design, the desktop monitor features a sturdy stand and casing, a flush screen, and an optional magnetic stripe reader (MSR). The monitor also is HID compliant.

Although the monitor may be primarily used as an interactive display in storefronts or public information spaces, Carol Nordin, president of TouchSystems, is quick to explain that it can be transformed into a point-of-sale device via the optional magnetic stripe reader (MSR). She also highlights that “the 22-inch, projected capacitive desktop is the perfect choice for someone whose main concern is cleanliness and aesthetics; it’s an added bonus that the monitor is equipped with a stable, rugged structure.”

IW2235P-U at a glance:
  • Projected capacitive (multi-touch)
  • Bezel-free
  • Flush screen
  • Sturdy, durable design
  • Wide tilt angle (-5 to 90°)
  • HID compliant (plug and play)
  • Optional magnetic stripe reader (MSR).
Detail product on: http://www.touchsystems.com/product.php?model=IW2235P-U

Zytronic Driver for Projected Capacitive Touch Sensors

In addition to launching several new products to the design projected capacitive touch screens, some manufacturers also provide software drivers for the use.

Zytronic, developed and marketed a range of interactive touch sensor products based upon its unique projected capacitive technology. In order to increase the depth of support it can deliver to the market, Zytronic has introduced the first in a series of new software drivers for use with its range of Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT) touch sensors and touch controller products.

Designed to work with Zytronic’s latest ZXY100 touch controller series, the initial drivers will support the increasingly popular Linux operating system, and for industrial users Microsoft Windows CE . The Linux drivers are supported on both Ubuntu 10.04 and Debian 6.01/6.02 distributions.

The ZXY100 series controllers are already designed for plug-and-play use with the in-built Windows 7 basic Human Interface Device (HID) driver, which allows touchscreen calibration. A Zytronic add-on pack to be released shortly will enable users of Windows 7 (and the forthcoming Windows 8) to tune the controller firmware directly, so that touch sensitivity, filters, overlay thickness, etc. can be readily changed to suit the individual application.

The Windows 7/8 add-on pack or “config tool” has been designed to be compatible with off-the-shelf multi-touch user interface software packages, such as Omnivision’s Omnitapps and Nuiteq’s Snowflake, so that the dual touch functionality of the ZXY100 controllers can be used fully.

The new drivers’ graphical user interface (GUI) has been improved, and now features a quick and simple “dashboard” style for basic users, plus an expert mode that allows access to filters and settings for more advanced users.

Finally, for users with software development capability, Zytronic is making the driver source code available for the Linux and CE versions. It is hoped that this will enable clients to develop their own bespoke driver packages to better suit their applications and end markets.

Projected Capacitive (PCAP) On The New Elo Touchmonitors

Projection capacitive (ProCap) touch screen technology, is currently widely offered by several manufacturers of touch screen. This is because the projected capacitive touch more durable against repeated.

The Elo TouchSystems of Touchmonitors portfolio with two of its leading touchmonitors now available with projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreen technology from TE Connectivity.

The Elo TouchSystems wide-screen 1519L 15-inch and 1919L 19-inch LCD desktop touchmonitors now offer multi-touch functionality and increased touch sensitivity for the demands of retail, hospitality and high-traffic commercial use.

Adding PCAP technology to the 1519L and 1919L touchmonitors provides a unique, aesthetically pleasing seamless design, a sensitive touch response and is able to withstand repeated touches, - an advantage for heavy, public usage applications. These new PCAP touchmonitors offer multi-touch functionality (when used with Windows 7 operating system) and a seamless, glass-to-edge, frameless design while maintaining fast, accurate and stable performance.

Projected capacitive of touch screen technology, is suitable for facilities such as retail and hospitality applications such as point-of-sale (POS), point-of-information (POI), point-of-service, interactive digital signage and kiosk information systems, these touchmonitors with a wide-aspect ratio screen provide more space to display additional content on the screen and are easier to use and incorporate into a wider variety of environments than traditional desktop touchmonitors.

More information about the new Elo TouchSystems 1519L and 1919L with projected capacitive touchscreen technology, can be found at: http://www.elotouch.com/products/LCDs/1919L/default.asp

IQS259 Nine-Channel Projected Capacitive Proximity and Touch Controller

The IQS259 from Azoteq, a supplier of capacitive proximity solutions, provides a cost effective implementation in a small outline package. The novel IQS259 complements the ProxSense family of capacitive proximity and touch controllers, and establishes proximity and touch sensing by introducing new standards through only 8 µA of power usage. The IQS259 is more efficient compared to other similar devices.

The IQS259 is based on analog and digital circuitry that ensures excellent touch performance and proximity. The IQS259’s high sensitivity contributes to efficient activity through glass with thickness up to 25 mm and proximity detection of 250 mm. The performance ability of the device ranges from 1.8 V to 3.6 V with minimal power consumption up to 8 µA including touch and proximity sensing. The I2C-compatible interface facilitates complete control over the sensor functions directed through a host controller.

A complete series of Azoteq controllers based on the IQS259 technology will be available during Q1 and Q2 of 2012. The upgrades feature economic single-channel devices, self- and mutual capacitive sensors and stand-alone devices in small packages.

The significant features of the IQS259 include I2C interface, proximity and touch on each channel, multiple low-power modes, 9-channel input device, QFN(3x3)-16, multiple keys providing distributed proximity channel, large proximity-detection range, automatic tuning to optimum sensitivity, automatic drift compensation, Internal voltage regulator and reference capacitor and supply voltage ranging from 1.8 V to 3.6 V.

Azoteq’s novel IQS259 has wide applications in consumer electronics such as set-top boxes, TVs, Blu-Ray players, office equipment, educational toys, white goods and appliances; its proximity detection enables activation of backlighting. It provides GUI trigger and GUI control proximity detection, wake-up from standby applications, and used as replacement for electromechanical switches.

Gorilla Glass encapsulating it’s vision of the future (Video)

Video from Corning, maker of Gorilla Glass encapsulating it’s vision of the future. The touch screen technology designers have begun to talk and respond. In the video, Corning predicted large scale desktop touchscreen displays, bigger video screens, and dynamic billboards.

Despite the fact that most of what is in the video is still a concept, Corning apparently isn’t one to stand still. The vision is even more heady, with nearly every surface you can see turning out to be an interactive glass screen. Windows, car dashboards, tables. There’s even a large wall in a forest (which is actually a cool concept when you watch the video.) Which parts are reality, which are close, and which are still far, far off?

Corning has an answer for those questions as well. Along with A Day Made of Glass 2, it released a second video, with a narrator to help explain the technologies and devices. As a tech enthusiast, I personally found it even more interesting than the basic video.

There was one aspect though which wasn’t explained, or even really touched on. During the video conferencing that the Dad was having with another hospital, the second doctor would move in relation to the readouts on the wall, as if he was really standing behind the glass. On a display with today’s technology, he and the readouts would be fixed, because the screen cannot tell where the user’s perspective is.

However, Microsoft is working on that problem. The Verge got a look into Microsoft’s Edison Lab back in December, and posted a lengthy video. One of the things that Microsoft is working on is a smart wall, which would be able to tell where the user is standing, and change everything to match that person’s perspective.

With the technology that they and others are developing, Corning’s vision might not be as far away as we think. And hopefully a year from now, Corning will show us another glimpse into the future with A Day Made of Glass 3.

Source: http://www.tekgoblin.com

Tx-Boost Extends Gen4’s Feature for TrueTouch Touchscreen Controllers

Cypress’s New Tx-Boost, Feature for TrueTouch Touchscreen Controllers Delivers Three Times Higher Signal-to-Noise Ratio Without Using Digital Filters, a breakthrough feature for its Gen4 TrueTouch touchscreen controllers that dramatically improves system performance without added cost from Cypress Semiconductor Corp.

Cypress has developed a new proprietary technology based on Gen4’s patent-pending high-voltage Tx drivers. Tx-Boost extends Gen4’s performance leadership by delivering three times higher signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) than previously possible. This is accomplished without the use of performance-robbing digital filters or external components, enabling manufacturer’s to produce the industry’s thinnest handsets and tablets with low material costs.

The key to excellent touchscreen performance in noisy environments is high SNR. Gen4 already delivers up to four times the raw SNR of the competition through its internally generated 10V Tx circuitry; whereas competitive offerings require customers to use large, expensive, and noisy external switching regulators to generate high-voltage Tx signaling. The Tx-Boost feature, now available on all TrueTouch Gen4 devices, uses specialized hardware acceleration to triple the already best-in-class SNR of the Gen4 family. This high SNR enables manufacturers to employ sensor-on-lens with direct lamination to displays and in-cell architectures with flawless performance for the thinnest products in the market.

In addition, Tx-Boost efficiently parallelizes multiple operations in hardware, without burdening the CPU with costly digital filtering. This significantly increases Gen4’s scan speed, making the world’s fastest touchscreen controller even faster. These parallel operations also further improve Gen4’s industry-leading power consumption by increasing the amount of idle time during each scan period.

“We understand that touchscreen customers are in highly competitive markets and need constantly improving technology to stay ahead,” said Dhwani Vyas, Vice President of Cypress’s User Interface Business Unit. “We’re pleased to provide Tx-Boost to enable the industry’s best controller family to extend its leadership against competitive offerings. Customers who have seen this technology in action have been universally impressed.”


The Tx-Boost solution is now available on all Gen4 TrueTouch devices.

Visit Cypress online at www.cypress.com

Five New Elo Touchmonitors with Multi-touch PCAP and iTouch Glass-to-edge Touchscreen Technologies

Elo touch resolution portfolio with 2 of its leading touchmonitors now having projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreen technology. additionally, iTouch and PCAP Touchscreen Technologies.

5 New Elo Touchmonitors offer a Sleek, Frameless style along with Multi-touch PCAP and iTouch Glass-to-edge Touchscreen Technologies.

The Elo TouchSystems 1515L and 1715L LCD desktop touchmonitors now offer multi-touch functionality and increased touch sensitivity for the demands of retail, hospitality and high-traffic commercial use. Adding PCAP technology to the 1515L and 1715L touchmonitors provides a unique, aesthetically pleasing seamless style resistant to water, impacts, scratches and alternative contaminants on the screen. The Elo TouchSystems 1519L, 1919L and 2201L wide-aspect LCD desktop touchmonitors are now accessible with the innovative iTouch zero-bezel SAW touchscreens. These new iTouch touchmonitors offer a seamless, glass-to-edge, frameless style whereas maintaining the quick, accurate and stable performance love standard SAW technology.

Aimed at the fast-changing retail point-of-sale (POS) and hospitality markets, the 1515L and 1715L PCAP touchmonitors provide reliable, sturdy operation and expand the globally trusted Elo TouchSystems touchmonitor portfolio. The 1515L and 1715L now feature a selection of 4 touch technologies: AccuTouch five-wire resistive touchscreens, the foremost widely used for retail applications and proven to withstand splashing liquids, food and grease; IntelliTouch pure glass surface acoustic wave touchscreens, for outstanding optical quality most popular in dry retail and hospitality applications; APR (acoustic pulse recognition) touchscreens, and now multi-touch projected capacitive touchscreens.

The Elo TouchSystems intensive portfolio of wide-aspect touchmonitors together with the 1519L, 1919L and 2201L is similar temperament for retail and hospitality applications like POS, point-of-information (POI), point-of-service, interactive digital signage and kiosk information systems. The wide-aspect touchmonitors provide more room to display additional content on the screen and are easier to use and incorporate into a wider variety of environments than ancient desktop touchmonitors. The new iTouch touchmonitors are ideal for customers who are looking for a reliable, frameless, value competitive touch resolution.

iTouch Touchscreen Technology

TE's IntelliTouch SAW touchscreen technology has been a reliable and proven technology for over twenty years. iTouch SAW touchscreen technology delivers robust performance love the initial IntelliTouch SAW, but by moving all the touch detection hardware to the backside of the touchscreen, the result's a very flat, smooth, pure glass touch surface when integrated into a monitor. iTouch touchscreens deliver a quick, accurate and drift-free touch response whether employing a finger, gloved hand, or soft stylus. The easy-to-clean screen surface is resistant to water, dust and grease providing a straightforward to maintain monitor in spite of application.

Elo TouchSystems 0700L

Another new Elo product from TE Connectivity on display at NRF that guarantees to be enticing for retail POS applications is the 0700L touchmonitor having a 7-inch LCD display. This touchmonitor is often applied as a second display, facing the client in POS and retail environments. It may be installed as the main display for applications requiring alittle screen, like end-cap shelf displays in retail settings or as personal gaming screens as a part of a bigger interactive gaming table. The 0700L options an AccuTouch resistive touchscreen and is additionally accessible in a no-touch version.

Source: http://www.elotouch.com/Products/LCDs/1529L/default.asp

New 32" TRu Projected Capacitive Multi-Touch Monitor

TRu(TM) 32" Wide Screen Projected Capacitive (P-Cap) Multi-Touch Monitor from Touch Revolution, the latest addition to its lineup of wide-screen displays. The largest of the TRu multi-touch monitor portfolio, the 2-finger touch monitor sets the standard for functionality, flexibility and durability in the fast-growing multi-touch market. The 32" monitor is available today to OEMs and integrators worldwide with pricing and sample units available on request.

"To compete in today's fast-growing multi-touch marketplace, you really need to deliver a superior end-user experience," said Gene Halsey, TRu Product Line Director. "That's exactly what our new TRu(TM) 32" product does. It combines a highly sensitive touch screen with the advanced hardware and software features customers expect from Touch Revolution."

Modern Industrial Design. The new TRu(TM) 32" P-Cap Wide-Screen Monitor features an attractive and eco-friendly bezel-free design that is easy to maintain and use in environments ranging from kiosks and digital signage to factory floors and healthcare. Desktop versions can be equipped with a sturdy, minimalist matte black stand and all units will feature easy plug-and-play integration, Windows 7 certification, Open Source TUIO drivers and available Linux support.

The TRu(TM) 32" Wide-Screen P-Cap Multi-Touch Monitor's 16:9 screen aspect ratio is easy to deploy in either a landscape or portrait orientation. Built for quality, responsiveness, visual appeal and durability, these displays are the perfect complement to any multi-touch interactive solution.

"This monitor sets a new size and interactivity standard for Touch Revolution, giving the vertical markets a real alternative to similar sized single-touch displays," said Tom Leonard, TR's President. "We wanted to introduce a product that will have an instant impact on the large display touch market; with the TRu(TM) 32" we think we've done that," continued Leonard.

10 Finger Touch 32" Demonstration. Touch Revolution will also showcase the next generation TRu(TM) 32" 10-Finger P-Cap Multi-Touch Monitor at CES 2012 January 10th -- 13th, 2012. The introduction of the 32" 10-finger touch monitor is slated for mid-2012 and is targeted at those markets where multi-user applications will be first introduced.

Touch Revolution provides high-quality, projected capacitive (P-Cap) multi-touch display solutions. TR designs and manufactures highly-responsive embedded multi-touch displays, sub-systems, and monitors in a wide range of sizes. These solutions allow OEM and system integrators to quickly add an intuitive multi-touch interface to their products. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, with offices in Holland, Michigan; Taiwan and China,

Touch Revolution is a part of TPK Holding Co., Ltd. -- the largest glass projected capacitive multi-touch screen manufacturer in the world. To learn more about our industry leading line of multi-touch display solutions, visit us at www.touchrev.com

Source: www.marketwatch.com